Sister STOLE My Dream Wedding Venue... So I Booked It FIRST! 😱💒

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🎭 Get ready for a wild ride of family drama, pettiness, and wedding venue wars! 💍 This story is a classic tale of two sisters - one favored by shallow parents, the other constantly pushed aside. 😢 When both sisters get engaged around the same time, the forgotten sister's dream wedding venue gets snatched up by her prettier, pettier sibling. 😡 Cue the revenge booking, family feuds, and a whole lot of stubborn bride energy! 💪 Will our protagonist stand her ground or cave to her family's demands? 🤔 Grab your popcorn and let's dive into this juicy family saga! 🍿

👯‍♀️ Sister Rivalry: The Prettier, The Pettier? 😒

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👸 The Favored Child vs. The Forgotten One 😢

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💍 Double Engagement, Double Trouble! 😬

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🎩 Mom's Helping Hand... But Only For One Daughter 🤨

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🏰 Sister Snatches Dream Venue, Sparks Fury! 😡

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👴👵 Grandparents' Legacy vs. Sister's Selfishness 😤

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😈 Revenge is a Dish Best Served... At The Same Venue! 😏

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📞 Mom's Plea: "Talk to Your Sister!" 🙄

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🙅‍♀️ Stubborn Bride Stands Her Ground 💪

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🤔 To Hear Out or Not to Hear Out? That is the Question! 🧐

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🎭 Sister's Sudden Change of Heart: Real or Fake? 🤥

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👴👵 Grandparents' Love vs. Parents' Neglect 💔

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🗣️ Internet Strangers Weigh In: Divided Opinions! 🤼

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💑 Fiancé's Wise Words: "Why Keep Putting Yourself Through That?" 🤯

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🗣️ One Last Try Before Cutting Ties 🙅‍♀️

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🤨 Sister's Shocking Reply: "The Venue Would Be a Waste on You!" 😲

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💰 Parents' Bribe: "We'll Pay If You Move Your Wedding!" 🤑

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🚫 Enough is Enough: Cutting Off the Toxic Family 🙅‍♀️

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👴👵 Grandparents' Support: Walking Down the Aisle at "Their" Venue 🥰

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🏰 Sister Gives Up Deposit, Changes Venue 😏

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😌 Feeling Lighter and Happier After Tough Decision 🌞

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🎭 Sister Showdown: Dream Venue Debacle Leads to Family Fallout! 😱

Well, well, well... this story has more twists and turns than a soap opera! 📺 Our forgotten sister finally takes a stand against her family's favoritism and books her dream wedding venue before her sister can. 😈 Cue the family meltdown, with mom begging for reconciliation and sis playing the victim card. 😢 But our bride isn't backing down, even when her parents try to bribe her with a fully paid wedding! 💰 In the end, she cuts ties with her toxic fam and leans on her supportive grandparents and fiancé. 👴👵💑 The cherry on top? Sister dearest gives up the venue deposit, proving it was never about the location, just stealing her sister's thunder. 🙄 Now, let's see what the internet has to say about this wild ride! 🗣️

Secure your dream wedding! NTA, block sister and parents 😎

AdeptAd6213 | AdeptAd6213

NTA, be that petty queen and enjoy your sweet revenge 👑

Lucylovei | Lucylovei

Secure your dream wedding with passwords and security. 💎🔒

Dangerous_Mail1939 | Dangerous_Mail1939

Booking the same venue as your sister and jumping ahead? YTA 😑

bigbadhank7 | bigbadhank7

Set up security and a code word for changes. NTA.

bluecarnallove | bluecarnallove

Advice to move on from family drama for a healthier life 🙏

Helpful_Crew6954 | Helpful_Crew6954

Dealing with narcissistic parents and their ridiculous feelings 😒

[deleted] | [deleted]

Don't let your sister's noise bring you down. 👍

NotMe739 | NotMe739

Don't be the a**hole, communicate with your sister and family 👍

[deleted] | [deleted]

Booking wedding venue before sister makes for a petty but understandable move. NTA.

Reading4Drama | Reading4Drama

Traditional church weddings and the race to book the venue.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Focus on your happiness, forget the haters 😊

Scared_Profit564 | Scared_Profit564

You go, bride-to-be! Congrats on your upcoming wedding! 👰🏻🎉

AdventurousDoubt1115 | AdventurousDoubt1115

Toxic rivalry over wedding venues? Grow up and prioritize love! 💔

newName543456 | newName543456

Supportive comment with relatable personal experience. 👏

MsBeary1972 | MsBeary1972

Booking the venue before your sister was the right move 👍

SatelliteBeach123 | SatelliteBeach123

NTA. Going NC with family is hard but worth it. 💪

peacholantern | peacholantern

Sneaky wedding revenge plan 👀💍

Pitiful_Extreme_5380 | Pitiful_Extreme_5380

Wedding venue feud with sister, NTA gets straightforward advice.

Historical_Agent9426 | Historical_Agent9426

Congrats OP! Don't let them crawl back 🙏🏼

CelestialPhoniex | CelestialPhoniex

Outplaying the sister's attention grab, NTA wins the game! 🏆


Competing for a wedding venue is petty and unnecessary 😒

Cute_Yogurtcloset_72 | Cute_Yogurtcloset_72

Grandfather > Male Birthgiver. Birthgivers & sister = A-holes. NTA 👏

[deleted] | [deleted]

Sharing a wedding venue: NTA, it won't matter in 5 years 👰

ProfessionalMottsman | ProfessionalMottsman

Congratulations on your wedding and standing up for yourself! 🎉

The_1RAW | The_1RAW

Petty behavior from both parties, complicated situation. 😐

Lorraine221 | Lorraine221

Don't let jealousy ruin your wedding planning. Great minds think alike 👍

bas_bleu_bobcat | bas_bleu_bobcat

Invite those who care, not sister who stole your venue! 🙌

CleanCucumber620 | CleanCucumber620

Sibling rivalry at its finest but OP wins without trying! 😎💍

Sidneyreb | Sidneyreb

Booking the venue first was the right move, NTA 👍

Tarotgirl_5392 | Tarotgirl_5392

Take control of your wedding venue and make a secret code 🔒

ItzCreeper246 | ItzCreeper246

Support for OP's decision to cut off toxic family members 👏

Nikkita8223 | Nikkita8223

Curious about the venue booking timeline? Join the discussion.

Tegee2 | Tegee2

NTA. Take action and stay strong. Congrats on your engagement! 💒👏

Fluid_Response_6062 | Fluid_Response_6062

OP's family are a**holes, glad she stood up for herself

originalgenghismom | originalgenghismom

Wedding venue dibs are dumb, commenter says NTA 🙌

eyeyamyourmama | eyeyamyourmama

The comment suggests disowning the sister over wedding drama 🤬

qazwiz | qazwiz

No apologies for the bride, but the family sucks. 💯

Effective-Lime-3975 | Effective-Lime-3975

OP's wedding revenge is justified and glorious! 😱

No_Negotiation_7176 | No_Negotiation_7176

NTA, stay independent and have a nice wedding! 💒

Dzino22 | Dzino22

Booking the venue first and family significance. NTA 👏

I_might_be_weasel | I_might_be_weasel

Booking the dream wedding venue first, NTA and petty 💒

Oneofakindnocategory | Oneofakindnocategory

NTA- Turning sister's move into a sweet family tradition ✨

Coastal_Shelf | Coastal_Shelf

Take revenge on social media, spread the joy! 😂

WA_State_Buckeye | WA_State_Buckeye

Secure your dream venue without fake family drama. Stay safe! 🙌

Triplecolor96 | Triplecolor96

NTA. Sister played petty games and won petty prizes 😑

CalypsoContinuum | CalypsoContinuum

NTA. Consider low/no contact with awful parents and sister 😔

shortsassybitch | shortsassybitch

Booked wedding venue out of pettiness, but NTA for doing so.

blingblingbah | blingblingbah

Standing up for yourself and setting boundaries. 👊

admweirdbeard | admweirdbeard

Choose your own unique spin on a venue. NTA 👍

justefmc | justefmc

Embrace the pettiness and play innocent. Outshine the sister's wedding. 😱

1amCorbin | 1amCorbin

Heartwarming comment on going no contact and future happiness. ❤️

Classic-Cookie6140 | Classic-Cookie6140

NTA, stand your ground and book your dream wedding venue 💒

Traditional-Tune-302 | Traditional-Tune-302

Sharing a wedding venue between sisters is normal, NTA.

floatingwithobrien | floatingwithobrien

Don't let your sister ruin your big day 💍👰 You deserve it

Ok_Gazelle_1283 | Ok_Gazelle_1283

Same venue, different vibes. NTA, have a great wedding 💖

crackeramerican | crackeramerican

Get the same dress and achieve maximum pettiness! NTA 😎

LovetomyCobain | LovetomyCobain

Outgrow the sibling rivalry for a joyful wedding day 👰🏻

Slytherin_was_right | Slytherin_was_right

Guidelines reminder for updating stories. 📝

IntelHDGraphics | IntelHDGraphics

Go have your dream wedding and let the trash take itself out! 😌

LovableLayla | LovableLayla

Congrats on your wedding! Don't let entitled family ruin it ✨

takethisdayofmine | takethisdayofmine

Take control of your wedding, don't let family drama ruin it 💒

stickynotesandblood | stickynotesandblood

The venue doesn't matter, it's the people that do ❤️

PurpleAquilegia | PurpleAquilegia

Time to grow up and stop competing with your sister 🙄

cjack68 | cjack68

Take control of your own happiness! 🙌🏻💯

Last_Caterpillar8770 | Last_Caterpillar8770

Booked my dream wedding venue first, not the a-hole here 😊

Bouncy_Oranges | Bouncy_Oranges

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