30 Pics So Full Of Funny That The Cup Overflowed

What does your cup overflow with? Frustration? Anxiety? Indecision?

Whatever's in there right now, you could probably use a distraction. So let's get ready to share a few chuckles, because your cup is about to be full of a whole lot of funny.

"One of our teachers wore a Mandalorian mask and walked around saying 'Do your homework, this is the way.'"

Reddit | TheBailzmeister

I've seen a lot of creative tools teachers have used to try to encourage kids to do homework, but I think this is a first.

"Boss isn’t gonna be happy with that one."

Reddit | Billionboiii

I'm no, uh, giant drill guy (sorry, I have no idea what this job is officially called). Still, this maze of cable spaghetti wrapped around half of the bit doesn't look right.

"True story!"

Reddit | radleru

When you're taking in a show or sporting event in an older venue, view-obstructing pillars go with the territory. Sometimes they get in your way just a little bit, and other times something like this is going to happen.

"I give you the greatest warning label ever."

Reddit | delta595

Say what you will about this warning label, but at least it's honest. We all know that lots of safety measures are just there for show anyway, so the candor here is refreshing.

"They know what they want."

Reddit | spongeboi56

I once worked somewhere that was situated close to a place that sold the best donuts you've ever eaten. It's safe to say that my colleagues and I weren't down with solicitors, but were very much down with the donut lady.

"Went to get a new wallet, but Walmart wanted to give me something else."

Reddit | a_dam_bj

This guy's picking up some tasty Cheetos, a refreshing Dr. Pepper, and, uh, apparently something else as well. Looks like he's got quite a night planned, all for under twenty bucks.

"Chest nuts roasting on an open fire."

Reddit | mrspetie

The best costumes are often the silliest ones, and this fits squarely into that category. My only question, though: is this a Christmas-themed Halloween costume? That's a mix of genres that you don't often see.

"Perfectly shaped eggs every time. Follow me for more cooking tips."

Reddit | wtfover

Needless to say, I'll be following. I feel like that's the only way I'll be able to learn how to get the tape taste out of my eggs after they're done cooking.

"Buenos Dias from Italy."

Reddit | EmirNL

I may not have retained a lot of my geography lessons from school, but even I could tell you that Italy and Mexico are very different countries. Pasta and tortillas may both be made out of wheat, but they're not the same.

"Just informed them there won't be a Second Breakfast... nor an Elevenses."

Reddit | Freyu

It's weird how a simple costume made of tea towels can transform a couple of cranky cats into a couple of all-knowing travelers, full of sage wisdom.

"My friend’s cat waited politely to be served steak at dinner tonight."

Reddit | Captainsboot

This cat is the best cat. It isn't jumping up on the table and getting in the way. It knows it's going to get some treats, so it can afford to wait patiently.

"My friend and I (both aged 45+) belatedly got round to going to see Dune today. In the meantime our local multiplex had relegated the film to the kids' hall. Oh well, if life gives you lemons..."

Reddit | dob_bobbs

It doesn't matter how old you are, the urge to jump into any ball pit you come across never truly goes away.

"A buddy at work 3D printed The Rocktopus."

Reddit | bumjiggy

I just know that there's a market for this exact kind of thing. Though, I doubt Dwayne Johnson would take kindly to people using his likeness for this kind of thing.

"Helena Bonham Carter looks thrilled talking to Michael Douglas."

Reddit | vosha0

I think we can all empathize with Helena Bonham Carter here. Not all of us have been bored by Michael Douglas at a party, but all of us have been bored by someone at a party.

"Exactly how is this dude holding that drum??"

Reddit | skatedaddy10

You'd think they could have rigged up a neck strap to make the drum a little more plausible here. Then again, when you're talking about six-foot-tall nutcrackers, maybe realism isn't something that's worth shooting for.

"Perfect, thanks."

Reddit | DepthCharegeEthel

Buying glasses online can be quite the struggle. Sure, a pair may look good on paper, but how do you know if it'll look good on your face? Maybe with an application that actually works how it's supposed to.

"12 years in, I just got the best Christmas present from one of my students."

Reddit | BarnabyJonezz

If I were this teacher, I'd have no idea how to take this. Sure, it's probably a good-natured joke. But it could also be a challenge. Let's see who really knows what's best.

"Decided to do a mall goth photo with Santa. Turned out gloriously. I'm in my mid 30's (the blonde)."

Reddit | Princessbrainwave

I've never done this myself, but doing silly photoshoots with a mall Santa as an adult seems like one of life's simple pleasures.


Reddit | christophlc6

When you see a sign like this, you just know that it's only there because enough people have annoyed the shopkeeper. I'm not sure how many AH-OOOH-GAs I'd be able to take if I worked in this antiques store.

"My new tattoo is the bees knees."

Reddit | queenofthewildflower

Imagine spending hours in a tattoo parlor, getting inked up in a really sensitive area like the knees, all for this visual pun. I have to say, this person has my respect.

"Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree!"

Reddit | Nipgen05

Ah, that glorious time of year. The time when, if you bought your live tree too soon, it'll die before the holidays are over. This is why fake Christmas trees are so appealing to some.

"My cousin's engagement pictures."

Reddit | checkoutmydude

It would be extremely funny if they weren't trying to make those faces, but the pics just came out this way. That said, even if they were trying to make those faces, it's still a funny pic.

"Oh yeah, my own mini sewing kit!"

Reddit | NationYell

To this day, I have no idea if anyone's actually eaten one of these cookies, or if the tins only exist to house sewing supplies. Can you even buy these with cookies in them? Or are the cookies just a myth?

"Boss installed a missile toe at the entranced of the office."

Reddit | baconbeantaco

This "missile toe" is pretty much the only kind you can have without risking a visit from HR. And to be perfectly honest, it's probably the better version, anyway.

"Captured a photo of my mate mid Thanos snap."

Reddit | Appropriate_Ad_8637

A candid snapshot can reveal a lot about a person: what they look like when they're at ease, whether they've got positive or negative body language, and whether they're shapeshifters in the process of disappearing entirely.

"Eminem sharing M&Ms with other Eminems, early 2000s."

Reddit | Xyreo

I'm pretty sure this is from one of Eminem's early music videos, but it could have been a scene from a high school in the early oughts. A lot of dudes had bleached hair.

"Quite the grumpy pole at Utah Valley University."

Reddit | gotwilk

Sometimes you see an inanimate object that still seems to have its own body language. Here's one such case. Doodle a face on this guy and he almost seems like a sentient being.

"I made this painting called 'bee.'"

Reddit | Murvyn

I wonder if this person planned to make the bee's face look like this all along, or if they just started panicking when it came time to fill in the face. Either way, I'd frame it.

"Cat wound up in a precarious position."

Reddit | dyssie1

It's a unique look, especially for a cat, but I think this kitty pulls it off pretty well. There's no need for the cat to look so disconcerted, either, because, again, it's a good look.

"My girlfriend moved in.."

Reddit | spankpeggysfeet

A lot of people can probably relate to this pic, but the guy who took it should count his blessings. Some people are in this situation but barely have any bathroom counter space to work with in the first place.

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