Ex-Wife Demands Support for Son: Is Paternity Test Too Much to Ask? 😲

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Picture this: you find out your ex-wife cheated on you with multiple men, gets pregnant, and leaves the country with her new partner. Two years later, she comes back claiming the child is yours and needs financial help. What would you do? 🤔 One man is facing this exact dilemma, and he's insisting on a paternity test before accepting the child as his own. But his mother, ex-wife, and even some friends are calling him selfish and irresponsible for not just stepping up. 😲 Let's dive into this rollercoaster of emotions and find out what's really going on!

The Cheating Ex-Wife 😱

MonitorTrue2234 | MonitorTrue2234

Baby Daddy Drama 🤰

MonitorTrue2234 | MonitorTrue2234

Two Years Later... ⏰

MonitorTrue2234 | MonitorTrue2234

New Partner Ditches Jane 😲

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Mom's Pressure Cooker 🥵

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Paternity Test or Bust! 🧬

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Legal Documentation, Please 📝

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Blue Eyes, Big Lies? 👀

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Family and Friends Chime In 🗣️

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Mom's Assurance 🤔

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Doubts and Decisions 🤷‍♂️

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Pressure Cooker, Part 2 🥴

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Standing Firm 💪

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Paternity Test Drama: Who's the Daddy? 🍼

A man's ex-wife, Jane, cheated on him with multiple men and got pregnant. After their divorce, she left the country with her new partner, only to return two years later claiming the child is his and needs financial help. His mother, desperate for grandkids, is pressuring him to support Jane and the child. But he's insisting on a paternity test before committing to any financial or emotional support. Despite the backlash from his mother, ex-wife, and even some friends, he's standing firm on his decision. 🧬 He's willing to step up if the child is indeed his, but he needs certainty first. Let's see what people think of this situation... 💭

Demanding a paternity test is reasonable. NTA.

Healthy-Air3755 | Healthy-Air3755

Ex-husband expresses doubts about son's paternity. NTA wins

CarpeCyprinidae | CarpeCyprinidae

Protect yourself and get the test done. 🙌

Forward_Most_1933 | Forward_Most_1933

Setting boundaries with family members is important. 👍

concernedforhumans | concernedforhumans

Supportive comment defends paternity test and calls out mother's bias 💪

QueenScarebear | QueenScarebear

Accusation of running away sparks support for commenter. NTA 👏

Darthkhydaeus | Darthkhydaeus

NTA suggests paternity test, suspicious objection. Get the truth! 😍

Grigsbeee | Grigsbeee

Ex-wife demands support for son, but won't take a paternity test 🤔

Mapilean | Mapilean

Protect yourself legally and financially with a paternity test. NTA.

73shay | 73shay

Support denied, family drama ensues. NTA stands up.

Lizardgirl25 | Lizardgirl25

Ex-wife's infidelity raises doubts about son's paternity. NTA wants proof.

Jokester_316 | Jokester_316

Support for paternity tests sparks fiery debate. 🔥

hkik | hkik

User defends man against ex's demand for child support 🙌

DerelictDizzy | DerelictDizzy

Trust issues and joint custody: Get a lawyer involved 🙌

Dear_Parsnip_6802 | Dear_Parsnip_6802

Ex-wife refuses DNA test, demands money. NTA stands up.

Cursd818 | Cursd818

Paying for ex's mistakes? NTA stands up for himself. 😊

megacope | megacope

Demanding a paternity test isn't unreasonable, NTA 👏

Minute-Aioli-5054 | Minute-Aioli-5054

Insist on a paternity test before agreeing to help out. 😏

EpitomyHD | EpitomyHD

Demanding a paternity test, OP is NTA in scam situation 🤔

ghostoftommyknocker | ghostoftommyknocker

Ex-wife's shady behavior deserves legal consequences, says commenter. 😠

Dont139 | Dont139

Protecting yourself doesn't make you the bad guy 👍

Panaccolade | Panaccolade

Supportive comment, suggests exposing situation on Facebook, get paternity test

manofthehour25 | manofthehour25

Skepticism over ex-wife's request for support. DNA test needed? 🤔

Consistent-Ad3191 | Consistent-Ad3191

NTA insists on paternity test, threatens to cut mother off.

WetTheDreams | WetTheDreams

Protect yourself and confirm paternity. Don't fall for manipulation. 😏

Mundane_Bike_912 | Mundane_Bike_912

Get a lawyer and a paternity test before agreeing to support. 😎

Future-Nebula74656 | Future-Nebula74656

Ex-wife's confession raises paternity questions. NTA denies support.

United_Fig_6519 | United_Fig_6519

NTA! You have the right to demand a DNA test 👏

Trixie-applecreek | Trixie-applecreek

NTA demands paternity test; ex-wife benefits from court support. 🥇

WolverineNo8799 | WolverineNo8799

NTA stands his ground against ex-wife's demands and mother's misguided opinions 👏

vdivvy | vdivvy

NTA demands honesty from ex-wife after financial betrayal 👏

yupidup | yupidup

Demanding paternity test: Ultimatum to ex-wife for support 😠

TwoBionicknees | TwoBionicknees

Demanding a paternity test is fair. Don't let her manipulate you. 🙏

sashaopinion | sashaopinion

Mother posts suspicious picture, commenter suggests paternity test and blocking

CelebrationNext3003 | CelebrationNext3003

Verify paternity to know if it's your problem 🤔

Specialist-Ad5322 | Specialist-Ad5322

Legal paternity test recommended, offer to pay or block her. 🙌

Elelith | Elelith

Take control of your life, get the test and ignore them 💪

LilAlphaArtemis | LilAlphaArtemis

Fight for your rights: NTA. Take her to court 💪

Ok-Abbreviations4510 | Ok-Abbreviations4510

Insist on paternity tests, don't let anyone dismiss your feelings. 💪

Living_Grandma_7633 | Living_Grandma_7633

Protect yourself first: demand a paternity test before signing anything 🚨

Metrack14 | Metrack14

Demanding a paternity test is reasonable. Stand your ground! 👊

RocMills | RocMills

Insist on DNA test before giving any support 👍

grumpycat46 | grumpycat46

Unwilling to pay child support without paternity test. Bold move Karsh!

TheOnlyKarsh | TheOnlyKarsh

NTA demands paternity test; suspicions rise. Get the test done.

Glum_Hamster_1076 | Glum_Hamster_1076

Ex-wife refuses paternity test for son. NTA demands test. 😎

Ok_Distribution_2603 | Ok_Distribution_2603

NTA, reasonable to ask for DNA test. Ex may be lying. 😐

SnooPaintings7860 | SnooPaintings7860

Ex-wife goes to OP's mom to pressure for support. NTA 🤬

Due-Topic7995 | Due-Topic7995

NTA stands firm on paternity test, calls out ex's intentions 👏

Whiskey-Blood | Whiskey-Blood

Ex-wife refuses paternity test, commenter suspects infidelity 🤔

LoveMyHubs1993 | LoveMyHubs1993

Paternity test = peace of mind and parental rights. NTA wins 👏

BabyFartzMcGeezak | BabyFartzMcGeezak

Suggests secret paternity test to avoid ex-wife's BS. 😎

Busy-Cat8099 | Busy-Cat8099

Woman urges man to get paternity test amidst cheating scandal 😱

Bugdafug | Bugdafug

Protecting family reputation on social media, a wise move 😎

procrastinatrixx | procrastinatrixx

Financially supporting a child that may not be yours? NTA 👏

Acrobatic_Increase69 | Acrobatic_Increase69

Avoid the drama and cut toxic people out 👋

Electronic_Seesaw840 | Electronic_Seesaw840

NTA. Insisting on a paternity test is reasonable. Don't let manipulation win. 👊

Croissantal | Croissantal

Paternity test needed before fatherhood duties. NTA. 😊

loljokerishere | loljokerishere

Suggests going through court to ensure responsibility lands with right party 👍

Fit-Confusion-4595 | Fit-Confusion-4595

Asking for proof is reasonable, anger may indicate guilt. 🤔

FractionofaFraction | FractionofaFraction

Grandfather's unconventional solution to possible illegitimate grandchild 😎

Future_Direction5174 | Future_Direction5174

Make sure you're not on the hook for life 😳

werewolf-wizard612 | werewolf-wizard612

Get a lawyer and stay quiet on FB for custody/visitation. 👍

PeanutGallery10 | PeanutGallery10

Ex-wife refuses paternity test, NTA wants to know the truth 🤔

LiketoChillatHome | LiketoChillatHome

Single parent urges ex to get paternity test for son 👨‍🎲

mayfeelthis | mayfeelthis

Supporting a likely non-biological child doesn't make you NTA 😍

dopeyonecanibe | dopeyonecanibe

Fight for your right to know the truth 🤞

Zandra_0 | Zandra_0

Insisting on paternity test: NTA stands up for himself 💪

Every_Caterpillar945 | Every_Caterpillar945

Ex-wife cheats, lies and demands money. NTA for paternity test 😒

MollyTibbs | MollyTibbs

User calls ex-wife a hussy and demands paternity test 🤨

Expert-Angle-8214 | Expert-Angle-8214

DNA test necessary to avoid future complications. 👨‍💻📷

Strain_Pure | Strain_Pure

Demand for paternity test is reasonable, NTA. 😊

ellegiiggle | ellegiiggle

Doubting the story's credibility 🤔

adon_bilivit | adon_bilivit

Heartless comment ignores child's needs and mother's request. 😢

Accomplished-Swim961 | Accomplished-Swim961

Trust your instincts, get the test. Don't pay for someone else's kid. 😍

Chloet5759 | Chloet5759

🧬 Demand a DNA test and Legitimation through the courts before anything.

hedwigflysagain | hedwigflysagain

Take matters into your own hands and get a paternity test. NTA

Tifrubfwnab | Tifrubfwnab

NTA. The ex is using you as a cash cow. Stand firm! 👊

Frequent-Material273 | Frequent-Material273

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