Farewell to Jerry Springer, Talk Show Host And TV Icon

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 Jerry Springer posing and looking at the camera
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We say goodbye to the legendary TV icon and talk show host, Jerry Springer. He will be dearly missed. He passed away in his home due to his long chronic cancer. He was the rating sensation. Springer made sure that he was the reason behind every laughter. 

Heartbreaking News Of Jerry Springer

Jerry Springer, who was only 79, recently passed away on Thursday, 27th of April

Why Was He Famous?

Jerry Springer, Talk-Show Icon while hosting the show
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He was known as the former Cincinnati reporter and governor who went on to host a successful television program.

The Peaceful Goodbye To The World

He silently passed away at his home due to a chronic illness that stayed with him till the end. 

Springer: A People Person

Jerry Springer posing for the camera
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A family friend, Jene Galvin stated that Jerry had always made ways to connect with people. 

Jene Galvin Statement About Springer

 Jerry Springer hosting the show
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He stated, “Jerry’s ability to connect with people was at the heart of his success.

Where It All Began For Jerry Springer

He started his Jerry Springer Show at the start of 1991. 

When Did He Gain Popularity?

After seven years, he reached popularity and was able to beat The Oprah Winfrey Show

The Top Viewed Episodes Of Jerry Springer Show

The wildest episodes include the woman who had cut off her legs and the man who married a horse.

The Last Words Spoken To The Fans

In his last show, he stated that he wanted to be “more than a paycheck or a hooker in a one-night stand.”

An Attachment With The Fans And Cinnati

He stated, “I learned something about me. I learned that I had fallen in love with you, with Cincinnati.”

 In London Since 1944 

Giphy of London City

Springer has always been seen in London. After his mother got pregnant, they moved to London in 1943. He was born and raised in 1944. 

The Story Behind Springer Birthday

Image of a birthday cake with candles
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On his special day, both his parents were stuck in a chaotic Highgate platform that was super dangerous.

What Made The Platform Dangerous?

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 Along with this chaos, the main harm was that the place was used as a bomb shelter.

Springer: A Light In The Dark

Jerry Springer pointing and talking to someone
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The anchor served as an escape during the tough times. He had been working tirelessly to bring entertainment to the people during WWII. He was, needless to say, the light at the end of the tunnel.

What Was The Show About?

Giphy from The Jerry Springer Show
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The show was all about inviting people over and talking to them but it was more than that.

What Made The Show So Good?

Jerry Springer looking at the camera

Springer turned this show into a hilarious yet a bit problematic way of entertainment.

The Opponents: The Critics And Their Views

 Jerry Springer posing for a picture with Norma Rashid.
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Conservatives slammed the program for devaluing its contestants and undermining family values, while Springer justified it, claiming that media is "merely a picture of all that's out there."

Words Of Consolation From Montel William

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Montel William, the TV show host, sent out love and consolation publicly to the rating sensation of London. He tweeted, “'My thoughts and prayers go out to Jerry Springer's family.”

How Springer Made His Bodyguard Famous

Jerry Springer hosting the show

Wilkos went from being Springer’s bodyguard to a breakout star after some help from him.